Leaders’ Quest Visit Project SEARCH Bradford


Project SEARCH Bradford hosted a visit from 10 special visitors on the 30th November. Our guests were part of a 30 strong delegation from Leaders’ Quest, a social enterprise with a charitable foundation, whose mission is to work with leaders from business, government and civil society to bring about change.

The Leaders’ Quest visit took place in Bradford over a 3 day period, where the leaders visited ‘organisations with a strong sense of purpose’. 10 of the delegates came to visit ProjIMG_6138ect SEARCH and meet our interns currently on the Project. The delegates had quick introductions to all interns before having in-depth conversations with 4 interns each, advising them on pathways to help them in their journey towards paid employment.
The delegates thanked interns for the session and wished them well in their future careers.

Daniel, one of our current interns said “The Leaders’ Quest visit was interesting to find out about the different people that visited us, one of the people I spoke to told me about how they have lived in America, and I enjoyed finding out about it. Thank you to Leaders’ quest for visiting Project SEARCH Bradford and for the advice they gave to me and the other interns.”

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