Brilliant Bradford Staff Award Successes!

On Thursday 7th December, Bradford Teaching Hospital’s held their Brilliant Bradford Staff Awards.

There were severa811A0EC7-DC97-446F-A2A2-E2F040BC0F31l staff members who have worked with Project SEARCH Interns over the year nominated for awards, but a couple were nominated specifically for their work with the Project and with our interns.

Lorraine Cameron was nominated for the Excellence in Collaboration Award, for work she does liaising with key partners, and local businesses involved in our Business Advisory Committee. Additionally Lorraine has helped the Project SEARCH team forge relationships with managers and departments around the hospital, to ensure we are working together to help support interns as best we possibly can. This has played a crucial role in helping interns find paid employment.

Also nominated was one of our mentors, Malcolm. Malcolm has mentored 9 interns since Project SEARCH began in 2013, and has played a big part in helping them to develop the skills they needed to get paid employment.

We are delighted to share, that both Lorraine and Malcolm received second place prizes from BTHFT in recognition for their hard work.



As the evening was drawing to a close, there was a surprise for one of our graduates, Ben. This time last year, Ben was successful in gaining a promotion at Bradford Teaching Hospitals, and since has been working as a Service Desk Analyst. Part of his role this year has been to support the IT team in the roll out of the Electronic Patient Record System (known as EPR), which has seen huge changes for the hospital and it’s staff. During the changeover, Ben put in extra hours, worked longshifts, and played an important role in supporting the hospital. As a result of this, Chief Executive Clive Kay, chose from all the 5,500+ staff at BTHFT, to dedicate his “Unsung Hero” Award to Ben. The Project SEARCH team are incredibly proud of Ben for demonstrating a continuing excellent work ethic, and commitment to his team and BTHFT. Congratulations again Ben!!


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